Fortnite Literally Give Players Free Money To Spend On Games

It might be a bit before this makes it into the game, but it certainly looks like a legitimate leak. Going off of this post, it looks like Epic will be giving anyone who enables two-factor-authentication on their Fortnite account $10 to spend in the Epic Games store. Which, combined with the Epic’s monthly drop of excellent free games, means that you can actually get quite a lot of mileage from the Epic Games Store without spending a dime. If only the storefront let me sort games by price. You can at least get Flower for under $10, and Flower is a good game.

Theoretically–and I’m using that word in its most expansive form–this could cost upwards of $2 billion. There are over 200 million Fortnite players, so if each and every one of them redeemed this promotion, it would cost a massive chunk of change. The actual situation is likely to be very different. The Epic Games Store is a PC app, so right off we’re likely eliminating console and mobile players, which is likely more than half of the player base. After that, only a small fraction of players are likely to actually redeem, because plenty of those 200 million are lapsed, not particularly engaged, or just won’t do this for whatever reason. And even after that, a ton of those players are likely to just turn around and spend that money on V-bucks instead of other games, and the economics for Epic there are very different: it’s even possible that some of those V-buck purchases could convert some free players to paid, so it actually makes them some money.

That doesn’t mean this isn’t a big spend. Even with all those caveats, it seems like Epic is going to be shelling out a non-trivial amount of money to developers selling games on the Epic fortnite v bucks generator Games Store, which I’m sure those companies are plenty happy about. The motivation here is clear: first, more players with 2FA enabled is always good for Epic’s security. But more importantly, it wants you to use that game store. The company is spending a huge amount of money to take on Steam’s dominance in PC game sales, and so far it seems to be working. And as Steam has proven, there is a ton of money available to the company that sells people their PC games.

Ever since Fortnite exploded in popularity, there have been numerous calls to ban the game.

Ever since Fortnite exploded in popularity, there have been numerous calls to ban the game. Petitions to ban Fortnite have been drawn up and signed by thousands of individuals, and some politicians like Prince Harry have also called for the popular battle royale game to be banned, often citing the cases where people become addicted to it as reason to do so. While most of the world can still play Fortnite v bucks generator as much as they want, some countries have started taking action against the game, with it already banned in China, and more recently, banned in Iraq.

Iraq’s parliament voted to ban both Fortnite and PUBG, as well as microtransaction purchases that can be made in those games. Iraq’s parliament has attempted to justify its decision to ban Fortnite and PUBG by explaining the ban is “due to the negative effects caused by some electronic games on the health, culture, and security of Iraqi society, including societal and moral threats to children and youth.”

Some Iraqis have already started speaking out against the country’s Fortnite and PUBGban on social media. Iraq’s parliament has been accused of focusing on the wrong issues and for being generally ineffective, passing only a federal budget this past January when it was formed.

Moving forward, it’s quite possible that other countries will ban Fortniteand PUBGPUBG in particular has faced scrutiny, as the game has already been banned in parts of India and other countries in that area, with government bodies often citing the same reasons offered by Iraq’s parliament.

While some may feel strongly that banning a video game is not the right course of action, Fortnite addiction is a real issue. The vast majority of Fortnite players won’t experience this problem, but those that do sometimes have it bad enough that they need to go to rehab to get their lives back together.

Millions of people have played the wildly popular online game Fortnite

Millions of people have played the wildly popular online game Fortnite since its debut a year and a half ago. Players battle with guns and other weapons on a fantasy island or work together in “creative mode.”

According to a 2018 survey from Common Sense Media, 61 percent of U.S. teens have played the game, while 24 percent of parents worry about the amount of time their kids spend on it.

Dr. Sue Varma, a board certified psychiatrist and assistant professor at NYU Langone Medical Center told “CBS This Morning” playing games like Fortnite gives kids a hit of the hormone dopamine.

“We’re finding that just anticipation alone of the video games can increase your dopamine by 70 percent in the brain, which is the pleasure and reward system. But the problem is that these young kids, their developing brain, has the foot on the gas but it doesn’t have a foot on the brake so they don’t have the same control and regulation. The kids don’t know when to stop,” Varma said.

She said players can develop a “craving” for games and when they’re interrupted, can get extremely irritable free v bucks generator. She said there have even been cases of violence, where kids break into their parents’ car to get their devices or even steal credit cards in order to play.

“Most kids are able to regulate their playing. But we are finding that kids that are more vulnerable, who might be prone to depression or anxiety or have difficulty making friends, might be using this as a form of coping or avoidance,” she said.

Parents worried about play time should set boundaries. That may involve setting a timer that stops the game after a predetermined time limit. It could be giving kids a choice to either play the game, or choose another activity, like playing a sport outside or participating in another game with family.

Even with rules to limit video games, Varma said parents need to look out for warning signs, such as:

  • A lack of self-care
  • A child stops eating
  • A child withdraws from friends
  • Talking about death or suicide

“So many parents are afraid to ask the difficult questions because they think that they’re going to plant seeds into the minds of their children,” Varma said. “Let me tell you, those thoughts, if they exist, have been there for years. So know the warning signs.”

Fortnite has had a building in Tilted Towers that is a magnet for disaster

If you’re not quite sure what the joke is, let’s take a minute to talk about Fortnite and sweat — don’t worry, it’s not as gross as it sounds. In the Fortnitecommunity, certain players are referred to as “sweats” or “sweaty.” These players are kind of like tryhards. They aren’t necessarily good, but they think they are — and they want to make sure you know it. These are the sorts of players who are more likely to do a fancy play poorly than a simple play that would actually work in the middle of a shootout.

There are a million ways to identify a sweaty player in your game, but the fastest shorthand has become the soccer skin. Anyone who wears a soccer skin will be considered a sweaty tryhard, even if that’s not actually the case. According to Fortnite community memes, soccer skins are good enough to ruin the day of free v bucks generator any new player they come across, but not good enough to take on the game’s best players. And so, players who don this athletic attire in Fortnite end up being mocked both by novice players who are frustrated when they die, and expert players who can mop the floor with any soccer skin wannabe.

Now, Epic is getting in on the joke with No Sweat Insurance. And if you needed more proof that Epic knows exactly the joke it’s making, there’s another hidden gem in the insurance office.

Season 8 of Fortnite BR there are again 3 free and 4 Battle Pass challenges

Also in Season 8 of Fortnite BR there are again 3 free and 4 Battle Pass challenges. If you’ve diligently met the extension challenges in Season 7, you ‘ll even get the Battle Pass in Season 8 for free . Alternatively it costs you 950 V-Bucks * . How the challenges will look like week after week, we’ll tell you in our overview.
All Challenges of Fortnite in Season 8.

Group Help Note: In Season 8, a new feature allows you to help members of your group complete v buck generator challenge. But this is possible with only one challenge per week. Select one in the overview with the challenges and select the item “group help” .

All Challenges in Week 5 of Season 8

Free challenges

  • Deals 200 damage to enemies with riflescope weapons (5 stars).
  • Search 7 chests at Paradise Palms or Shifty Shafts (5 stars).
  • Complete a lap on the Happy Hamlet racetrack (10 stars).

The racetrack is located just west of Happy Hamlet . At the start / finish line are also directly around a few Kugler around, with which you can drive.
Standort der Rennstrecke bei Happy Hamlet.

Battle Pass-Herausforderungen

  • Lasst das Flummispielzeug mit einem Wurf 15-mal abprallen (5 Sterne).

Der Flummi ist ein Emote-Gegenstand, den ihr auf Stufe 26 im Battle Pass von Season 8 freischaltet. Um ihn mindestens 15-mal springen zu lassen, sucht ihr euch am besten einen möglichst kleinen Raum und schmeißt ihn gegen die Wand, wobei ihr dann locker über die 15 geforderten Sprünge kommen werdet, wie auch das folgende Video zeigt:

Fortnite Battle Royale: So lasst ihr einen Flummi 15-mal springen.

  • 3 Phasen (5 Sterne):
    • Erhaltet 50 Schildenergie von Pilzen.
    • Erhaltet 100 Schildenergie von keinen Schildtränken.
    • Erhaltet 100 Schildenergie von Schildtränken.
  • Nutzt einen Geysir, eine Seilrutsche und ein Fahrzeug im Verlauf eines Matches (10 Sterne).
  • Eliminiert 3 Gegner bei Piratenlagern (10 Sterne).

The mystery of Season 8 involves a strange helicopter that seems to be circling the map

The mystery of Season 8 involves a strange helicopter that seems to be circling the map

There always seems to be some sort of sub-plot going on in the Fortnite world. We say the meteor rip a hole in the sky that eventually led to the cube, which then melted into Loot Lake and created a teleporting house the circled the map before exploding into one of the coolest cutscenes we’ve seen thus far.

Last season, there was a smaller sub-plot that involved the Ice King covering the whole map in snow until the castle at Polar Peak melted and gave way to the Prisoner character, who put the map back to normal.

Now, though, there doesn’t seem to be much going on in the Fortnite map. The sub-plot is as hidden as can be, and our only clue is a subtle one: a helicopter circling the map.

The helicopter was first seen crashed at the old Moisty Mire way back in the day. It was seen again in Dusty Divot a while back as well, leading a lot of fans to speculate that it’s somehow connected to the same entity that was investigating the Hop Rocks in the area.

One Redditor even suggested that the helicopter is measuring the dimensions of the map so they can create a new one for Season 9.

Right now, though, the helicopter remains a mystery. Some players have plotted out the helicopters future movements around the map based on open hills and POIs, but these are only guesses.

For now, fortnite v bucks generator we just have to wait and see what the helicopter does in upcoming weeks. All we can do is speculate until then, but it appears as though this is the sub-plot for Season 8.

Super League Gaming and Samsung are hosting a special Fortnite event today

Super League Gaming and Samsung are hosting a special Fortnite event today with guests Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and K-Pop band iKON, who will play a new Fortnite game mode.

Held at Samsung 837 in New York, players will compete on Samsung Galaxy S10+ devices in the hopes of teaming with Ninja and iKON in the finals, which will be played on a “never-before-seen” game mode, according to Super League Gaming.

The mode, while not officially revealed, is rumored to be Detonation: Attack or Defend, which may have already been leaked.


free v bucks generator  fans can watch Level Up via Super League’s Twitch account. The tournament finals are set to begin at 5:20pm CT, with a musical performance by iKON taking place after the finals.


This event won’t feature traditional prize rewards for players. Instead, runners-up will receive AKG N700NCf headphones, and the winners will receive the same headphones and a Samsung S10+ phone.

complete the Week 3 challenges in full, which will unlock the new loading screen

You will first need to complete the Week 3 challenges in full, which will unlock the new loading screen, before you are able to find this star on the map.

However, since the fortnite v bucks generator Week 3 loading screen has already been leaked by data miners, the clues that lead you to the hidden star are already available to check out.

As highlighted above, the clue for the Week 3 battle star location is inscribed in the wall, and relates directly to the shrine like area on the map.

It’s a pretty obscure spot, so if you’re not sure where this is, you’ll need to head just east of the volcano, and just south of Sunny Steps, one of the new Season 8 POI’s.

There, you will find a small shrine/cave area, similar to that drawn on the wall in loading screen. Once you have completed the Week 3 challenges, the star should appear here to collect.

The exact location of the star marked on the map.

Here’s what the location looks like in-game.


We’ll have a full guide for all the Week 3 challenges when they become v buck generator available.

If you haven’t found the hidden banner for week 2, we’ve got a full guide for that too.

Remember, the star won’t appear on the map until you’ve completed all the Week 3 challenges and unlocked the loading screen. 

The Discovery challenges were introduced at the start of Season 8, replacing the Snowfall challenges

The Discovery challenges were introduced at the start of Season 8, replacing the Snowfall challenges from last season. These types of challenges were added in Season 4 v buck generator with the Blockbuster challenges.

Like the Snowfall challenges in Season 7, once players complete a certain amount of weekly challenges, players will unlock a secret skin. Unlike last season, however, players only need to complete 55 weekly challenges instead of the 60 required last season.

The first two discovery loading screens were leaked in the v8.00 files, and dataminers have now leaked the loading screens for week 3 and week 4 which can be seen below thanks to lucas7yoshi_:

Week 3 Discovery Loading Screen

Week 4 Discovery Loading Screen

Players will be able to unlock these loading screens once they complete all of the challenges for the respective weeks. The week 3 loading screen provides the location of a hidden Battle Star whilst week 4 shows the hidden banner location.

Epic Games are on hold as the law firm behind them waits for the US Copyright Office to consider applications.

Epic Games are on hold as the law firm behind them waits for the US Copyright Office to consider applications. All five suits — filed by Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro, Russell “Backpack Kid” Horning, the unnamed Fortnitefan known as “Orange Shirt Kid,” and rappers Terrence “2 Milly” Ferguson and James “BlocBoyJB” Baker — all claim Epic unlawfully used dances they invented as Fortniteemotes. But they’re temporarily dismissing their complaints, apparently because of a change in how courts process copyright lawsuits.

In a statement earlier this week, law firm Pierce Bainbridge said it was withdrawing because of a recent Supreme Court decision that requires people to get a response from the US Copyright Office before suing over an application they’ve submitted. The earlier suits “were filed under the previous standard,” it says, and “to best conform with the law as it stands in light of the Supreme Court decision, our clients will dismiss their current lawsuits and refile them.” Before the Supreme Court decision, the firm also dismissed a similar suit by Ribeiro against Take-Two Interactive.

There’s still at least one dance lawsuit standing, since a separate firm sued Epic over putting the “Running Man” dance in Fortnite. But we might not see movement in the other cases for months, and the US Copyright Office is far from guaranteed to approve the copyright applications involved. Pierce Bainbridge says it’s successfully registered filings from Backpack Kid and Orange Shirt Kid, but the office rejected an application from v buck generator Ribeiro, something the firm is currently contesting.

According to US copyright law, individual dance steps can’t be protected, but choreographic routines can — and there’s not much case law establishing a clear boundary between the two. Epic’s dance emotes are only a few seconds long, but they’re clearly recognizable copies of (very) short routines created by other people. With these lawsuits withdrawn, the next important step might be taken by the Copyright Office.