Fortnite has had a building in Tilted Towers that is a magnet for disaster

If you’re not quite sure what the joke is, let’s take a minute to talk about Fortnite and sweat — don’t worry, it’s not as gross as it sounds. In the Fortnitecommunity, certain players are referred to as “sweats” or “sweaty.” These players are kind of like tryhards. They aren’t necessarily good, but they think they are — and they want to make sure you know it. These are the sorts of players who are more likely to do a fancy play poorly than a simple play that would actually work in the middle of a shootout.

There are a million ways to identify a sweaty player in your game, but the fastest shorthand has become the soccer skin. Anyone who wears a soccer skin will be considered a sweaty tryhard, even if that’s not actually the case. According to Fortnite community memes, soccer skins are good enough to ruin the day of free v bucks generator any new player they come across, but not good enough to take on the game’s best players. And so, players who don this athletic attire in Fortnite end up being mocked both by novice players who are frustrated when they die, and expert players who can mop the floor with any soccer skin wannabe.

Now, Epic is getting in on the joke with No Sweat Insurance. And if you needed more proof that Epic knows exactly the joke it’s making, there’s another hidden gem in the insurance office.

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